Rich in protein, Jaybee’s Freshly Smoked Almonds are packed with tons of nutrition and have the highest calcium of any nut. They are fabulous for healthy bones and can reduce the risk of heart disease when taken moderately. Our smoked almonds offer a sweet and smoky flavor that is delicious and perfect for an appetizing appeal. Packed with nutrients, fresh from the oven, simply grab these freshly smoked almonds for the perfect snack during your breaktime and serve them at your next get together occasion!


Freshly Smoked Almonds 16 oz

SKU: 7-53519-47118-1
    • Freshly Smoked Almonds – Highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, Jaybee’s Freshly Smoked Almonds are among the top favorites tree nuts.
    • Gift – Our smoked almonds are tasty party gifts that are perfect conversational pieces for any occasion!
    • Cooking & Baking – Highly versatile, our freshly smoked almonds can be made into milk, pastes, butter, and can be even used as toppings.
    • The Perfect Snack – Whether you are looking to snack them in between break time or before a workout, these savory almonds are the perfect energy booster to last throughout the day.
    • Reusable Container – Our reusable container can be reused to store small items and tools.