For a delightful presentation to alleviate the mood of your guests in an exciting and elegant way, Jaybee's Raw Whole Pecans 13oz are just what you need! Packed with tons of nutritional benefits, our Whole Raw Pecans are also a great source of fiber and protein. Our nuts are as fresh as they get! They are hand-selected to ensure quality and crunchiness, making it the ideal snack for any occasion while offering an amazing display for your recipients as well. We are confident that our tasty Raw Whole Pecans will please your taste buds to the fullest and offer you with loads of health benefits in your daily lives. Order these wonderful nuts by simply pressing the "Add To Cart" button today!


  • Jaybee's Whole Raw Pecans are hand-selected to provide the highest quality of a healthful treat.


  • Jaybee's Whole Raw Pecans are the perfect gifts for any occasion such as corporate, birthday parties, congratulations, get-wells, condolences, or holidays! They are the perfect healthy snacks that will bring a smile to every recipient.


  • You can create an amazing gifting and snacking experience with Jaybee’s Pecans while relaying your thoughtful message altogether.


  • In an event where you or your recipient are unsatisfied with our Raw Whole Pecans, we will take the initiative to refund you and provide you with any additional assistance you may require.

Raw Whole Pecans 26 oz - Great Daily Healthy Snack

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  • Jaybee's Whole Raw Pecans 13oz, is just what you need for a sophisticated delightful presentation to match the mood, fun and graceful way! - Our Pecans are a healthful source of protein and other nutrients. - Nuts were hand-selected for quality and freshness making it the perfect gift/snack for every occasion and a wonderful display at your most elegant soirées. - Our buyers were so pleased, that we are confident that you will too. So go ahead and press "Add To Cart" you won't regret it you'll see, because that's our "Jaybee guarantee".